Connecting Cultures: Massage Therapy & Tui Na


Dating back to 1700 B.C., Tui Na (pronounced “twee-nah”) is an ancient Asian form of bodywork and healing. It is recognized as the precursor to most forms of Asian bodywork, and in many ways, it mirrors the foundations of Western Massage Therapy.

Tui Na uses the theory of Qi—the flow of energy—through the body as its primary therapeutic modality. It seeks to [...] » Continue reading

The Seven Best Types of Stretching


Evaluating the various types of stretching can be difficult. Fortunately I’ve got a list to help you identify the seven best types of stretching to incorporate with your massages.

Understanding and knowing the difference between each stretching technique we help you decide which will suit your specific needs. 

1. Static Stretching

This stretching technique is executed by extending the targeted [...] » Continue reading

Types of Massage: Hot Stone Therapy


One of the wonders of massage is the versatility. There is such an abundance of modalities and options available that there is a type of massage suitable to anyone. One incredibly great type of massage includes using heated stones.

When you book a session for a hot stone massage do you know what it is? Hot stone massage can be [...] » Continue reading