3 Ways To Improve Your Posture


Do you suffer from poor posture? Whether you’re sitting down at a desk, standing, walking or running, you should focus on maintaining your body’s natural position. This means keeping your head and neck up while avoiding slouching or slumping. The good news is that you can reverse the effects of poor posture by following some simple steps.

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How To Dine Out If You Have a Food Allergy


Food allergies shouldn’t prevent you from dining out with your friends and family. Unfortunately, though, many people with food allergies resort to cooking their own meals to reduce the risk of an adverse reaction. From dairy and nuts to gluten (wheat-based protein) and shellfish, there are certain foods that people must avoid to prevent adverse reactions.

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Stretching Tips to Keep You in Shape


There are many ins and outs of stretching; both literally and figuratively. Some of the most appealing aren’t always the best ones. It is going to likely hurt a little when you stretch muscles that haven’t been stretched in a while, and even ones that just haven’t been worked out every single day. But do not over stretch, or stretch to [...] » Continue reading